TPM Technical Support

Technical support may be an answer to a question, advice, or a solution to a problem with the Teacher's Personal Markbook. Before contacting technical support please check that the information you require is not included as part of the program Help or in the FAQ on this site.
Technical support can requested by e-mail sent to:
When requesting support, information you should include is:
  • Which version of TPM are you using?
  • What is the date shown with the Help|About command?
  • What sequence of steps or commands are being used? Print screen images that show the problem are always helpful.
  • What is the unexpected behaviour?
  • What action or behaviour are you expecting from the program?
  • Pasting the information from the Tools|Advanced|System log or Tools|Advanced|Error log command into your email message is also recommended.
Support requests that include this type of information with sufficient detail to explain the problem, or question, usually result in a faster solution.
  • As a general guide, technical support requests are responded to within 36 hours. If you do not receive any response within two days please send it again as it may have gone astray.
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