Download PC Trial

If you need a markbook for a PC you can download a free trial copy of the Teacher's Personal Markbook for Windows right now. No registration required, no email address needed, just click on the link below to visit a page with the download file.
This is a time limited version and while it is fully featured, you are limited to using it for a 30 day trial. Of course, once you discover how convenient the TPM is and how it saves your time, you can register your copy at the Purchase TPM page for a one time low cost of $39 AUD. (Approximately 31 EUR or 41 USD.)

Installation Instructions

  1. Double click on the downloaded tpmw-Install.exe file to start the installation process.
  2. A User Account Control pop-up may appear when you start the installation program. You must choose the Allow option to continue.
  3. The standard Teacher's Personal Markbook Licence Agreement is shown. Choose I accept the agreement to continue.
  4. The destination can be changed by choosing the Browse button, but normally you would continue with the default.
  5. Next you can set the folder for the shortcut in the Start menu, but again the default folder should be adequate.
  6. Lastly you can choose to make an icon for Teacher's Personal Markbook on your desktop.
  7. After the previous steps, the actual installation process should only take a few moments.
A shortcut for the program is also installed on your desktop and under the TPM group in the Windows Start menu. When running Teacher's Personal Markbook is important to use the program shortcut, otherwise you may sometimes get a message indicating that the program cannot run.

Now that you have installed the program you may want to start using it straightaway for marks and grades, or you may prefer to first follow the Tutorial in the Help for an introduction.
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