Download Mac Trial

If you need a markbook for a Mac you can download a free trial copy of the Teacher's Personal Markbook for OS X right now. No registration required, no email address needed, just click on the link below to visit a page with the download file.
This is a time limited version and while it is fully featured, you are limited to using it for a 30 day trial. Of course, once you discover how convenient the TPMX is and how it saves your time, you can register your copy at the Purchase TPMX page for a one time low cost of $39 AUD. (Approximately 31 EUR or 41 USD.)

Installation Instructions

  1. Open the Apple disk image tpmx-install.dmg. This makes the tpmx-osx disk volume appear on your desktop.
  2. Open the tpmx-osx volume to show the contents of the disk image. There are 2 folders; Teacher's Personal Markbook and Applications, and the Installation Instructions document.
  3. Drag the Teacher's Personal Markbook folder over the alias for the Applications folder. This copies the Teacher's Personal Markbook folder (which contains the application) into your Applications folder.
  4. After copying you can Eject the tpmx-osx disk image from you desktop, because it is no longer needed.
  5. To open Teacher's Personal Markbook for OS X, click on the TPMX icon in Applications.
In step 3, if you need to install the application somewhere else, you can drag the folder to another location.

Now that you have installed the program you may want to start using it straightaway for marks and grades, or you may prefer to first follow the Tutorial in the Help for an introduction.
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